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Thousands Of Couples Lifts Market
Jul 29, 2016

Beijing International jewellery fair jewellery was held a few days ago, China and 2012, gems and jewelry trade association of China Executive Vice President and Secretary-General, the Ministry of land and resources management of gems and jewelry Center Sun Fengmin, Deputy Director at the show to provide this kind of information: impact of the international financial crisis and the impact of downward pressure on the domestic economy, in 2012, China's jewellery industry growth is slowing, but still maintained a good momentum of development. China's jewelry industry in recent years operations per cent growth is double digit, some increase over 20%, but in 2012 – probably around 10%, jewelry retail market is estimated to reach 400 billion yuan in sales.

In 2011, China has overtaken the United States second only to Japan, the world's second-largest diamond consumption market, while gold consumption in 2009, more than India, ranked first in the world. Others, such as Platinum, gold, silver, jade jade, colored gemstones and other consumer products are also the highest in the world, China has become the jewel in the world processing power and one of the world's most important jewelry market.

Chinese jewelry market with the active first benefited from the economy's rapid development and the improvement of residents ' disposable income. Jewelry is not only decorative function, is a symbol of identity and status, some categories have value, so the very affluent consumers favor. In addition, the wedding market and tourism market of consumption of jewellery demand, which makes this business benefit.