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The Selection Skill Of Pearl Necklaces
Aug 25, 2017

      Pearl Necklace for pearls made of jewelry, the pearl hole will be drilled after the string together, worn between the items. Pearl Necklace has a certain nursing function. Seawater Pearls in medicine has a calm and calm, clear-heat benefit yin, eyesight detoxification, such as the effect of sheng muscle. Sea pearl glittering and translucent, character elegant, is comparable with the gem, gold price of jewelry. Pearl necklace is favored by women's high-end ornaments, in addition to pleasing, so that people add verve, but also to promote the efficacy of health and beauty.Pearl Necklaces
      In fact, judging the quality of pearls is not too difficult, master a few tips can see a general. First look at the pearl species, natural pearls now in addition to the auction, you see the true white pearls are cultured pearls, in general you will encounter Nanyang beads, Japanese beads, freshwater cultured beads, in addition to composite beads, dyed beads, false pearls.Pearl Necklaces
     The size of Nanyang beads in 9mm~18mm, there are white pearl, Black Pearl, golden Pearl, Nanyang beads are seawater cultured pearls, long breeding time, low survival rate. But the pearl luster of the United States, large size, high value, often a single pearl inlaid jewelry, can be sold to thousands of to tens of thousands of yuan. and Black Pearl in recent years is quite hot varieties. Freshwater cultured beads, the size of more than 9mm, the shape of the circle is very small, is a set of film species in the clam, the breeding time is short, a clam often can receive a lot of pearls, the output is large, so the price is low. Dyed beads, the color of the poor freshwater beads will be dyed black, golden yellow, the market can be seen in the small size of a string of freshwater pearls, dyed black, posing as black pearl. Composite beads, there are Mabezu, etc., value far below the same size of the Nanyang bead. Fake pearls are made of more plastic.Pearl Necklaces
     In the purchase of pearls and pearls, the quality of the test to see the size of the pearl, roundness, gloss, defects, large size, rounded luster bright, flawless for top grade. Color: Pearl is a lot of color, there are white, gold, silver, red, black, blue, gray and other colors, with white slightly rose red as the best, with a blue and black metallic luster is excellent, but if you see the obvious black, gray Pearl, should be alerted, this may be dyed beads. Luster: The stronger the luster, the better the quality. Pearl Necklaces
    The quality, transparency and thickness of the bead are determined by the pearls themselves. Some pearls in the waist have a circle appears pale, which is related to the structural changes of local crystals, should try to avoid buying this bead. Shape: For beaded, should strive for a smooth, symmetrical, regular. But if you can buy a larger pearl at a less expensive price, it will make you more colourful in the treasure trove of pearls.Pearl Necklaces