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The Phase Overlap Of Pearl Earrings And Face Contour
Nov 03, 2017

Earrings, like gaseous jewelry, belong to the symbolic system of human culture. It will clearly show a person's social status, cultural level, aesthetic standards and attitude towards life. Therefore, in modern life, choose the style and quality of earrings with their own face, eyes, ears and harmony, but also consider the style of clothing, season and environment.Pearl Earrings 

Women usually wear earrings do not need to be too large, too bulky, too bright, but should be elegant and unique, at night, especially in the social activities, you can wear a novelty, exquisite workmanship, valuable earrings. If earrings are not made of precious metals, it is best to wear them in complete sets. No matter how unconventional fashion, the classic earrings style is always a gorgeous beauty woman on the bright spot.Pearl Earrings

Earrings, also called earrings, specific can be divided into earrings, ear chains, ear nails, earrings and so on. In general, it is used only by women and is used in pairs, that is, each ear wears one. It is not appropriate to wear multiple earrings on one ear at the same time. In foreign countries, men also wear earrings, but the practice is to wear one left ear, the right ear does not wear, both ears are wearing, will be considered homosexual.Pearl Earrings

Wear earrings, the face should be balanced. In general, do not choose the same shape with the face of earrings, in order to prevent the same type of repulsion, so that the shortcomings of facial shape is emphasized exaggerated. Do not wear chain earrings, necklaces and brooches without special requirements. All three are focused on the chest line, if at the same time, easy to appear excessive publicity, and miscellaneous messy.Pearl Earrings

Since ancient times, the earrings are Chinese and foreign women dress up the most enamored of the face of the pet. Full of dynamic earrings can foil the wearer's charming charm, appropriate selection of ear ornaments can also play a role in regulating face defects, finishing touches. Earrings in a variety of styles, from the structure of the general can be divided into nail-type and ear clamp type, from the style can be divided into earrings and earrings type, shape on the ring, square, triangular, irregular geometry, and so on, a variety of. Earrings Wear art, its essence is to be able to work with the surrounding environment, personal temperament, face, hairstyle, dress, etc., and to achieve the best beauty effect.Pearl Earrings