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The Benefits Of Wearing A Pearl Necklace
Aug 22, 2017

            Pearl for the more commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, started in song "Open Treasure Herbal", pearl series of clams and snails stimulated by the secretion of the cascade from the formation. Pearl in Medicine has a calm and calm, clear-heat benefit yin, eyesight detoxification, such as the effect of sheng muscle. In particular, women during menstruation, menopause irritability irritability, wearing pearls can play a better adjustment, moderating role. can also prevent chronic pharyngitis and thyroid, and so on, at the same time make the skin exceptionally smooth, delicate, morning and evening with the pearl gently massage skin, there are skin care, beauty and wrinkle elimination role.Pearl Necklaces

            Wearing a pearl necklace, with a sedative and soothe the role. Can reduce the heart disease patient's hypertension to the normal, the heartbeat return to normal, dizziness may also receive the treatment. In front of the negotiating table, can get unexpected calming effect. According to legend Qing Empress queen of every major event, will hold a large pearl, to help her town heart to make decisions. Many high-ranking women in modern society like to wear pearl jewelry in business negotiation and other occasions, often have a calm mind, clear-headed, responsive role (at the same time, the government and business partners will also be attracted to their elegant demeanor and appearance, reduce hostility and resistance, let the opponent or partner calm down), so that the decision-making, negotiation effect of optimization.Pearl Necklaces

            The Pearl is a mermaid's tear, is the precious stone which has the moon energy, therefore also is called "The Tears of Venus". To give the wearer strength, so that the heart and soul clear and bright, to help the absorption and understanding of things, and gently irritable temper. Wearing a pearl necklace for a long time can relieve a bad temper caused by the sequelae of a concussion, and improve the symptoms of a temperamental quirk.Pearl Necklaces