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Pearl Value Editor
Jul 29, 2016

Because of the elegant Pearl Holy character, due to its complicated story, in ancient times, the Pearl is seen as a symbol of power and wealth. Foreign Emperor's Crown jewels, beads, Quan Quanzhu, court beads, armor robes, beads, beads etc, are symbols of the Supreme powers of the State. Historically, in many countries legislation, making pearls a Royal patent. Rulers often waged bloody war to compete for Pearl resources.

More than 3,700 years ago in the Shang dynasty, Pearl and tortoiseshell is a tribute. King soup Minister had recommended the development of "Quartet offered": "South ... ... ABAS (Pearl), tortoise ... ... They offered. ”

Religious pearls evoke loyalty to the faith. Buddhism in the "seven treasures", among them Pearl inlaid in the Buddhist above, accept the worship of believers. Queen's Crown of the British Empire with 227 Pearl, one from Bai Diebei production of pearls up to 1.8 cm in diameter, was looted when British settlers from the South China Sea waters. Russia Queen Crown decorated with priceless pearls of yekajielinnaershi 80.