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Pearl Ring Maintenance
Aug 22, 2017

               Regular inspection, 3-year change line: Wearing pearl necklace, bracelets, etc., time long silk easy to loose, can wear 1-2 years later, regular to send our maintenance clean, at the same time for you to check whether the thread loose, and to help replace the silk thread; 3 year change line: Pearls best to be repeated every 3 years, of course, depending on the number of wear. The dirt which enters the bead hole will produce the friction force, the nylon line breaks, the broken position is close to the button place. For pearl inlay Jewelry, we recommend that you regularly check its slender position, such as supporting the clasp of jewelry, necklace clasp, earrings, such as screws, to prevent the loss of pearls.Pearl Rings

               Take note: In addition to the pearl ring, ear nails, should seize the metal part, do not use beads to do the place, so as to avoid the pearl loose, but also to prevent your hands on the dirt stick on the beads. Anti-hard material scrape: to keep the pearl jewelry alone, lest other jewelry scratches the pearl cortex. If you are going to wear the bead chain on top of your clothes, the texture of the garment is best to be soft and slippery. Too coarse a material may shave your precious pearls.Pearl Rings

               Avoid exposure: Because the pearl contains a certain amount of water, the pearl should be placed in the shade, as far as possible to avoid direct exposure in the sun, or placed too dry place, lest the pearl dehydration. Need air: Do not put pearls in the safety box for a long time, also do not use plastic bag seal. The pearls require fresh air, and they need to be worn every few months to breathe. As long as the pearl in the box easily yellow ("age", that is the meaning.) )Pearl Rings