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Pearl Necklaces With You To Understand The Identification Of Pearls
Sep 29, 2017

Pearl pearl as an ancient treasure, the working people in the long-term production practice, the quality of its identification of the merits of the level of identification, has a wealth of experience, and has known pearl varieties and quality is different due to the water environment and bead Different types. Such as Hebei Tong Luo beads, surrounded by an inch (3.3cm) Xu, more reddish, and the North Sea beads, color Qingqing.Pearl Necklaces

Sap of water at the jet, the color white, and the water does not flow at the pearls, color gray. The ancients think: "Nanzhu color white Yao who, for the beads in the top grade, Guangxi beads slightly times; North Sea beads color micro-young people, for the top grade, color green as Tsui, its old color, stone powder, there are fumes, "The division of the pearl grade, from the value of pearls to be set, can be divided into nine, the Ming Dynasty" Heavenly Creations "called" Wai and five to one inch of five, for the big goods; small like a kettle, while glory micro Red, like gold - plated, this name beads, shade and not round; times the snail River beads; second officer, rain beads; sub - tax beads, onions Fu beads.Pearl Necklaces

The shape of the pearl shape spherical, semi-spherical, bread-shaped, smooth and delicate surface, the diameter of 0.4cm below the small code beads and 0.7cm above the Dalian code beads for the best, so that the pearl is usually wrapped with thick The pearl layer can be used as expensive decorative craft beads. Appearance of rod-shaped, sheet-shaped, curved concave, waist-shaped, flat, the surface of the groove or wrinkles, different sizes, shiny dim, no light, half-light (that is, half of the bone-like light) pearls, Beads, with shell beads and so are the quality of the times, the texture of loose medicinal beads.Pearl Necklaces

Pearl color observation pearl, foot and dazzling, silver white, jade white, color (including purple, purple, pink, dark purple blue), such pearls generally no impurities, solid texture. Pearlescent, grayish black, chalk-like white, grayish yellow and other pearls, generally more or less contain sediment impurities, texture loose or rotten nuclear. Can distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of pearls. High-quality pear not only rarely contain impurities, but also contains a relatively pure variety of amino acids, so high-quality pearl in addition to the ideal process beads, the processing of pearl powder is also very high.Pearl Necklaces