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Pearl Necklaces To Take You To Know The Black Pearl
Sep 20, 2017

     The size of the pearls is calculated in its shortest diameter. The size of the pearls is eight mm to 14 mm or even 16 mm. More than 18 millimeters is rare. So far, the largest pearl in the record is 21 millimeters in diameter.Pearl Necklaces

     Shape: The round pearl is recognized as the most beautiful pearls, and is the desire of the masses. Round pearls are extremely rare, but other shapes of pearls are not elegant. Color: Artificially cultured grey and black pearls have various luster under the refraction of light. The most appreciated is the peacock green, thick purple, blue sea and various shades of gray and rainbow color. According to traditional aesthetics, white-skinned people are fit to wear gray pearls, while darker ones are better for wearing black pearls, and of course other factors, such as the eyes, hair, and the color of the clothes they wear.Pearl Necklaces

     Pirgong's so-called Pi Guang refers to its appearance, its appearance is smooth according to the person, whether the light source can reflect a fascinating Halo color, which is a measure of Pi Guang standards. Daxi of the Pearl is like a mirror, looking at the reflection of the human, and it has reflected light color, especially jingjing gorgeous.

    Purity, like other types of pearls, Daxi the value of cultured pearls mainly depends on the quality of the epidermis. The identification of the pearl epidermis depends on how many flaws it has, such as dents, scratches, and flower black spots that will reduce its value. Pearl Necklaces

     Grade category is rated as "excellent quality" pearl skin light Excellent, refined Kancheng symmetrical shape, size, color is not considered as a major factor. is rated as the most "commercial quality of the pearl, regardless of size, color, refers to a medium gloss and some irregular surface of the pearl." There is no commercial value in the organic stain, or there are many flaws, or pearls not enough in the pearl layer.Pearl Necklaces