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Pearl Necklaces Tells You The Culture Technology Of Pearl
Sep 09, 2017

     The "Legendary Bead" of Chinese sea spoon production is similar to the famous French Cavaillon melon ball from the color to the size. The largest pearl ever discovered in the world has been made from a giant clam in the Philippines, with a head so large that weighs 14 pounds and is said to be ANLA. In fact, the two-shell animals, such as clams, oysters and mussels, are the main pearl-producing species, but even the animals, such as the garden snail, can produce small clusters of pearls.Pearl Necklaces
     The pearl of the abalone is often pointed, and who knows that the late Renaissance is used to describe the adjectives of art and architecture, which are deeply restrained by the classical and tense, and which is used to describe the irregular shape of the pearl. The jeweler poured inspiration, hands, into a small statue of the rich, suggestive and even misshapen parts of Balok: Swans, snakes, dolphins, bedbugs, spirits of wine, or a round baby lying in the basket of silver and gold. The most amazing thing is that the Chinese have carved statues of Buddha and Chairman Mao like pearls on freshwater shells.Pearl Necklaces
    The appearance of cultured pearls destroys the economic value and mystery of pearl trade. Modern artificial cultured pearls began in 1900 by a Japanese entrepreneur named Royal Woody, and his scientists perfected the commercial scale of oyster-bead technology. Artificial beads, like natural beads, are genuine, but they are stimulated by artificial intervention and standardized. If you have witnessed this nucleation process, see the technician with a sharp scalpel knife a freshwater bead bead with a pleated covering tissue inserted into a sea oyster meat, in the throbbing gonads, you may never forget, if you are considering doing breast augmentation surgery, you are afraid to look at it.Pearl Necklaces
    The operation technique has made great progress: planting beads In the 70 's to insert large clams, large tracts, is now to be inserted into the young mussel, small tablets; cut film to pass the film, hang raise from the water depth fixed, instead of floating-type with the rise and fall, deep water hang raise, change to shallow hang raise; So that pearl production, quality, quality, such as the proportion of beads continue to rise. According to the National Foreign trade system statistics, in the early 80, China's freshwater pearl exports have become the world's first, to the world's 36 countries and regions to export, breaking Japan's long-term monopoly of international pearl market pattern.Pearl Necklaces