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Pearl Necklaces Take You Know Jewelry Wearing Notes
Nov 03, 2017

Clothing ornaments Many, according to its function can be divided roughly into two categories: decorative and practical classes. Earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, brooch, etc. belong to the decorative category. Shoes, socks, hats, belts, purses, etc. belong to the practical category. Dress and dress collocation is proper, can make a person icing on the cake; Jewelry is characterized by small volume, the effect is obvious.Pearl Necklaces 

Its function is embellishment, beautify the overall image. Therefore, the main principle of selection of jewelry is conducive to the performance of the overall image. If the collection of beautiful, expensive ornaments in one, jewelled, deliberately piled, purses, belts, hats covered with, this is not the United States, just let people see things invisible, conceal the unique nature of the natural beauty, destroyed the overall image of harmony.Pearl Necklaces

Wear jewelry to pay attention to the occasion, attend the party or go out guest, can wear large brooch, jewelry pendant necklace, pendant earrings, etc., in the lamplight will appear more beautiful, on weekdays can wear small brooch, beads, earrings, etc., engaged in labor, sports activities and attendance at meetings, should try not to wear jewelry.

Wear jewelry with clothing and the appearance of my coordination. In general wear exquisite clothing, can wear expensive jewelry, clothing gentle and elegant, jewelry should be exquisite, wear sportswear, overalls should not wear jewelry. Fat Face of the woman is not suitable with large earrings, wearing glasses should not wear earrings, round face of the Lady necklace plus a pendant, have the effect of slender face.Pearl Necklaces

Necklace is a symbol of peace, wealth, according to the stature and personality characteristics, choose the appropriate style and color. The ring is the most definite token of love in jewelry, the wearing of the ring is a silent language, can indicate your marital status: The ring on the index finger of the proposal, wearing on the middle finger to indicate that has been in love, wearing on the ring finger to indicate that has been engaged or married, wearing on the pinky is to emphasize that I am single, and recently do not intend Bracelets are generally worn on the right hand, only paired bracelets can be worn at the same time on the wrist, gem-studded bracelets should be close to the upper wrist, wearing bracelets should not wear watches at the same time.Pearl Necklaces