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Pearl Earrings Tell You The Process Of Pearl Culture
Sep 09, 2017

      Shell growth is unpleasant, there is a casing phenomenon, (that is, the new growth shell surrounded by old shells); serious double shell can not be closed, the coat film is clearly visible, that is, the so-called "edema" phenomenon. Because the coat membrane and visceral organs are exposed to the water body, it is very easy to infect the harmful pathogens, resulting in the death of mussels. Shell roof The oldest part of the corrosion, the appearance of different shades of corrosion, especially after inserting clams, the operator to be on the clam shells with a knife carved marks are more susceptible to acid corrosion. With the increase in the number of years of culture caused by perforation, perforated mussels, also caused by the infection of pathogenic bacteria cause death.Pearl Earrings
      The bottom soil of the water body is red or yellow clay, then the acidity is heavier. Because the main component of this soil is iron, aluminum oxide, and iron, aluminum is weakly alkaline metal, when the acid root ions, water solution presents acidic, so that water is acidic. The base soil is the limestone soil with calcium carbonate as the main, then the water body is neutral or partial alkaline. The bottom soil is silica-dominated sand and the water is neutral.Pearl Earrings
     The application of acid or physiological acidic fertilizers can cause the acidity of water body. Acid fertilizer itself is acidic, such as superphosphate because it contains more free sulfuric acid and acidic. Also such as ammonium chloride, because chloride ions are strong root ions and ammonium ions are weak alkaline metal ions, so the aqueous solution of ammonium chloride is acidic. Also such as organic fertilizer, because organic matter in the process of physical and chemical decomposition will produce a large number of organic acids, so the aqueous solution is acidic. Pearl Earrings
     The physiological acidic fertilizer refers to the fertilizer which is absorbed by the phytoplankton after the fertilizer is applied to the water body, and the substance that is left in the water to cause the acidic effect. such as potassium chloride, potassium is essential to plant nutrients, after being absorbed by plants, left in the water is chlorine ions, chlorine ions will cause water acidity. This kind of fertilizer mainly has potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, ammonium chloride, sulfuric acid ammonia and so on.Pearl Earrings