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Pearl Earrings Tell You How It's Maintained.
Sep 20, 2017

     Pearls Inlaid jewelry Please put in the place where children are not easy to contact, do not let children break, pull, fall, touch, but also to prevent metal scraping baby skin, may prevent children placed in the mouth swallowing. Please remember to remind the elderly to maintain. Pearl Earrings

     To mother, mother-in-law grandmother and other elders sent pearls, remember often remind them according to the instructions required for maintenance, this will make the pearl maintenance longer. Do not set out the maintenance methods, tools, please use carefully, if unclear, please consult the Pearl Beauty's customer service personnel.Pearl Earrings

    Don't clean the pearl necklace with water. Water can enter beads in the small hole, not only difficult to dry, may also make the inside fermentation, bead line may also turn green. If you wear a lot of sweat, you can use a soft wet towel carefully wipe, natural dry after putting back jewelry box. Pearl Earrings

    Occasionally, can be used to clean the alkali water to maintain the luster of the Pearl (limited to nylon wire string pearls, not suitable for string pearls). After the pearl to yellow, you can remedy: with acid soaked, can dissolve yellowing of the shell, so that the pearl reappears glittering and translucent, charming luster. But if the color becomes too yellow, it is hard to reverse.Pearl Earrings

    Do not put pearls in the safety box for a long time, and do not seal them with plastic bags. The pearls require fresh air, and they need to be worn every few months to breathe. As long as the pearl in the box easily yellow ("age", that is the meaning.) )Pearl Earrings