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Pearl Earrings Take You To Understand The Nature Of Pearls
Sep 29, 2017

Pearl and color pearl is gratifying, it is able to issue a soft pearl, in different light irradiation, from different angles, can show a different color. The stronger the pearl, the more the color, the higher the value of pearls. Poor pearl observed under a microscope, the surface of a lot of stripes, so that the surface of the pearl with fine bumps. When the light hit the pearls, only to reflect one of them, so the poor quality of the beads is not strong. The more smooth the pearl surface, the more conducive to the reflection of light, to reach the level of Kam. From the color side, the pearl can be divided into dozens of commodity colors can be summed up in general, red, yellow, blue, white four hue system.Pearl Earrings

Magnetic field reflection method will be pearls in different angles placed in the magnetic field, if it is a nuclear breeding pearls, must rotate; no nuclear pearls at any point on the vertical, are still. UV photography to pearl for different angles of the placement, a number of ultraviolet radiation photography, if it is breeding nuclear pearls, in the nuclear layer and light vertical case, the light is difficult to pass, resulting in the shadow of the surrounding color lighter, The whole bead body can be very good through the light, the shadow color uniform.Pearl Earrings

Lens stick identification method distinction perforation pearl core of the available, available lens stick identification method. In the bead into a two-side tilt 45 degrees angle and set with a mirror of the bar, one end of the rod arrived in a fine metal cylinder, the light through the cylinder to the mirror. Mirror reflects the light, if it is non-nuclear pearls, then refracted in the pearl layer, in the other end of the mirror can see the light flicker.Pearl Earrings

X-ray photography and the use of the same principle of human photographic photography, the use of 35kV voltage emitted X-ray, can distinguish between pearls and nuclei, and use this voltage to obtain secondary X-ray, carbon tetrachloride The solution is completely absorbed. Acetate fiber easily through the X-ray, in this as the bottom of the plastic container into the carbon tetrachloride, pearls or necklaces and other pearl products placed in the perspective of photography, the identification of good results.Pearl Earrings