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Pearl Bracelets Takes You To Know The Culture Of Pearls
Sep 20, 2017

      A variety of jewelry production process and easy to learn and understand the skills, hands-on teaching you how to make a charming collection of treasures and gifts of good gift. Ornaments have been since ancient times because they have brought good luck and sheltered people. are valued for their health. This beautiful and simple handbook shows how to make fascinating bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more glamorous ornaments--the only pliers, metal wire or chain, and favorite trinkets and gems.Pearl Bracelets

      Man has been harvesting and breeding pearls for thousands of years. Pearl Crystal Mazumdar, natural, people love it, appreciate it, regard it as the gift of God. And the exploration of the cause of the pearl, whether out of romantic imagination or rational thinking, has never been interrupted for thousands of years. In the ancient science is not developed, people's understanding of pearls is very limited, not to mention the theoretical research on the origin of pearls, but this does not prevent people by virtue of their love of pearls and carry out all kinds of strange conjecture, and then produced a variety of legends about the history of pearls.Pearl Bracelets

       For example, many Ancients thought that pearls were condensed by dew or tears. Of course, we can not be demanding on the ancients, they in the absence of scientific basis in ancient times, do not understand the nature of pearls, can only be the cause of the pearl conjecture or the use of mythology to explain. Obviously, all of these are of little scientific significance, and even have a very strong superstitious color. The result is a pearl that doesn't really know how she was built.Pearl Bracelets

     Pearl about the cause of the pearl, about from the beginning of the 16th century century, gradually divorced from the myth of the impact of the story. With the continuous development of pearl research, scholars in different periods have put forward various sayings about pearl formation. Pearl Bracelets

     It was thought that pearls were the product of a shellfish-like disease of the kidney stone, which was later thought to have been caused by excess body fluids or a portion of the eggs in the body, and it was thought that gravel had come into the shell and eventually formed Pearls. By the 18th century, people gradually realized that the pearl of the material has the same properties as shells, pearls are spherical shells, their formation process is consistent.Pearl Bracelets