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Pearl Bracelets Pearl Origin
Sep 29, 2017

Human harvesting, breeding pearls have a thousand years of history. Pearl crystal clear, totally natural, people love it, appreciate it, see it as a gift of heaven. And for the exploration of the causes of pearls, whether it is out of romantic imagination or rational thinking, thousands of years have never stopped. In ancient times, where science is not developed, people's understanding of pearls is very limited, let alone the theoretical study of the causes of pearls, but this does not prevent people from their pearl's love and unfamiliar conjecture, The origins of pearls.Pearl Bracelets

Many ancient people think that pearls are made by dew drops or tears. Of course, we can not be demanding on the ancients, they lack the scientific basis of the ancient, do not understand the nature of pearls, pearls only to guess the cause or use myth to explain. Obviously, all of these are of little scientific significance, and even have a very strong superstition. The result is that although there is a pearl, but can not really know how she was generated. In the case of Pearl Bracelets

Pearls on the cause of pearls, about from the middle of the 16th century began gradually out of the impact of mythology. With the continuous development of pearl research, scholars at different times have put forward the various theories about pearl formation. People first think that pearls are similar to kidney stones, the product of the disease, and then that is due to excess body fluids or part of the eggs left in the body caused by some people think that the gravel into the shellfish, and ultimately the formation of pearls. By the 18th century, it was gradually recognized that the pearl-forming material had the same properties as the shells, and the pearls were spherical shells, and their formation was consistent.Pearl Bracelets

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