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Pearl Bracelets Maintenance Two
Nov 03, 2017

In order to avoid the real beads contaminated with perfume cosmetics, hairspray these big enemies, consumers before putting on, finish the make-up, hairdressing and other steps; Do not forget to take off the ornaments when you are in housekeeping. If the bead is stored in a hot and dry environment for a long time, it will become dry. Pearls need fresh air and certain moisture, and should be worn every few months.Pearl Bracelets

Because the hardness of pearls is only 3.5 to 4.5, it is not appropriate to put it together with other jewelry to avoid scraping flowers. Do not wear pearls when bathing, soaking hot springs, splashing on the seashore and swimming. The chemical composition of the water may cause the pearl to change color and damage the pearl, or it may be lost in the splashing. If you accidentally scrape the pearl skin, you can try the olive oil gently wipe the small scratch lines.Pearl Bracelets

Pearls, such as when wearing a lot of sweat, the use of wet soft towel carefully wiped clean, natural blow dry or dry with a soft towel after the jewelry box. The best is to use sheepskin or wipe beads cloth, do not use surface paper. Because, some of the paper with a wiping agent, will wear beads. Do not use the market jewelry detergent to clean the pearls. Most of the jewelry detergent contains ammonia, do not use bleach, soap powder, detergent, baking soda powder and other detergents. Because the surface of the pearl gas hole, and low hardness, different properties of detergent on the pearl has different degrees of damage, but also will make the pearl discoloration and damage to the pearl layer.Pearl Bracelets

Often wear jewelry, two, three months should be maintained once, not often wear jewelry, a year should also be maintained. Jewelry shops have free services, should pay more attention, usually bead ornaments whether there is loose phenomenon. If a series of items, every two or three years depending on the degree of frequent wear, but also to return to the jewelry store, please change the line, to ensure that the pearl firmly.Pearl Bracelets