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Jewelry How To Select?
Jul 29, 2016

1. Pearl formed in a natural environment vary in shape, but mainly in a circular, but too rounded pearls also have manual grinding is possible. Pearl teardrop-shaped, oval-shaped, and the opposite sex, although the price is not high, but design can also display its unique beauty. Of course, while Pearl's shape is very rich, but the ancient "chubby" argument, so rounded pearls to share.

2. in terms of color, the color of the Pearl colors, also have an important impact on value. Each Pearl color preferences may differ, such as the United States who liked pink pearls, Japanese like Golden pearls, Chinese people like white pearls. But if scarcity for your point of view, the Black Pearl will be slightly more expensive than other colored pearls.

3. in terms of gloss, Pearl luster, elegant, a symbol of nobility, but this is not vulgar, but a dignified affinity. Pearl sheen is an important factor in determining Pearl value, well reflected at different angles with different hues of Pearl, dazzling.

4, low neckline wedding dresses to choose a pearl necklace as a priority. Long pendants, luxury, retro-styled, superposition of multi Pearl necklace, v-shaped neckline wedding dress is a good choice if the wearer's neck, slender, and face little, you can select a necklace of pearls, highlight the noble palace of temperament.

5, the neckline higher or more complex styles of wedding dresses, earrings can be used as a focus of Pearl accessories, provided that your hair style is classical plate. Long pendant earrings, popular Gothic, Victorian-style earring can also make you a gorgeous soft temperament.