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Jewelry How To Match
Jul 29, 2016

Wonderful wedding ceremony deployment clothes and jewelry, color can make the bride at the wedding. Then look at wedding dress and jewelry blending technique.

Wedding dress with Pearl Jewelry leveling tips, first concluded that the main and auxiliary of accessories and clothing, bride wear simple Pearl Jewelry styles, you can pick out a fancy wedding ceremony style dress; if the bride chosen jewelry styles more luxury, wedding dress style is simple but elegant.

Chain of pearls, for example, is suitable for deployment of a neck, spaghetti straps, shoulder-length and Cup card-type wedding dress, by a chain of pearls decorate not only highlight the bride beautiful neck line, adds more wedding dress noble and elegant temperament.

Long beaded dress-backless wedding dress coat, is superfluous. When the bride wearing Dai Lou-back dress, you can wear long beaded to make many changes, such as long beaded scarf-wearing studded law; or beads to gradient method behind the worn on clothing, natural pearls occur tumbling effect, makes decorating the back curve of the bride more beautiful.

In addition, pearls can also be directly used Yu Li clothing description, such as wedding ceremony gown neckline, cuffs and waist, decorated Pearl making major and veil partial pearls do show are beautiful! Just hold Pearl features be promoted, Pearl wedding dress's best friend too!