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Jewel Shapes
Jul 29, 2016


Also known as the convex surface or element type, viewing it as a convex. According to the waist (waist), and can be further divided into round, olive-shaped, heart-shaped, cushion-shaped, rectangular, square, cross, the vertical shape. If, pursuant to the section type, and can be divided into single-convex polished, double concave cut, lentils of convex polished, hollow concave cut five concave cut.

Engraved surface

Constituted by fully cover the stones surface a series of geometric planes, its appropriate angle polishing, gem can display color, brightness, four optical effects such as fire and shine. Surface can be divided into diamonds-cut, step-cut, cut, cut of Roses (cross) cut mixed and cut.

Pearl type

Often used in middle and low gem can be used for different jewelry. You can shape into beads, oval beads, oval beads, rectangular bead types.


Includes two types: free and casual, the ever-changing nature of precious stones.