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How To Match The Pearl Rings With The Dress
Oct 25, 2017

Ring laser Cutting machine is mainly in a variety of materials in the round metal tube according to a certain diameter, cutting out the length we want. Such processing is generally done on iron, platinum and synthetic metals. Some are still on the laser engraving, this process requires a high degree of precision.Pearl Rings

Product Features: The use of precision wire rod transmission technology, with professional high-precision laser head, laser output power stable, large processing format, acrylic, wood and other different thickness of materials for precision cutting processing, equipped with five-inch LCD screen, off-line CNC system, more convenient operation. Dressed in exquisite clothing, they can wear expensive jewelry, soft and elegant clothing, jewelry should be exquisite, wear sportswear, overalls should not wear jewelry. Fat Face of the woman is not suitable with large earrings, wearing glasses should not wear earrings, round face of the Lady necklace plus a pendant, have the effect of slender face.Pearl Rings

Scarves and hats have a great influence on the overall beauty of clothing, scarves, hats and clothing style consistent, can make the overall image more harmonious. In winter, people wear clothing color darker, can also use colorful scarves and hats embellishment, make the whole image lively, active. Similarly, if the clothing color is very gorgeous, can use the color elegant hat, scarf to obtain a color balance.Pearl Rings 

Hat face type of influence most direct, round face person suitable for brimmed edge of the higher hat, narrow-faced person suitable to wear narrow-brimmed hat, square face people can choose a round-pointed hat, avoid wearing a square hat. If you want to look slender, you should choose the same color belt as the dress, if the height, but narrow waist, should be different from the dress fabric, different colors of the wide belt. A man who wants to dress up in a social event is graceful and decent, and can give you a good belt for the fit.Pearl Rings