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History Outlook
Jul 29, 2016

China jewelry market, after just a few years time has been taken up by only a few years ago the world's 1% largest in the world, after the United States and Japan.

2005 China jewelry market, total sales of about 140 billion yuan, and exported US $ 5.49 billion, sales are the highest in the world, up to 225 tons of gold, silver up to 6000 tons, respectively ranked third and fourth in the world.

In 2006, with China's economic development, improvement of people's consumption level, jewellery is becoming the second homes, cars in China after the third largest consumption of ordinary people. By 2007, the market more prosperous, according to the Ministry of Commerce to key circulation enterprises according to monitoring data, 2007 1 May of silver and gold jewellery consumption, cumulative growth over 2006 34.6% are 28 categories of monitoring products in the fastest-growing product. In August 2007, gold jewellery consumption soared by 53%.

2008 third-quarter gold demand rose strongly, to 31.8 billion dollars, including investment in 2007 over 51%. By 2010, China's jewelry annual sales will exceed 200 billion yuan, and exports more than US $ 7 billion, is expected to become one of the jewelry processing and consumption, will become one of the jewelry trade center.