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Development And Change Of Pearl Bracelets
Sep 09, 2017

     After a winter of overlapping and exaggerated accessories trend, spring and summer should try a new style. Geometric lines in the simple design of the status of work, its neat direct presentation is the interpretation of the best way of spring and summer. Today's minimalist style of jewelry is increasingly popular, many people like simple but without losing artistic products. is a not pompous but unique style of the brand, it is mainly metal and pearl combination of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, a look refreshing. The most characteristic should be the earring type earrings, does not need the ear hole, the earring's opening place from the earlobe slide to the auricular cartilage position to be possible to wear, the nimble fixed, the modelling looks very special but also does not make the person feel abrupt.Pearl Bracelets
     The romantic freshness of the trend is never outdated classic, and the pearl from the moist temperament of the formal most appropriate expression. Japanese light jewelry shape slender, small exquisite give people feel more feminine, at the same time there is no traditional pearl jewelry with a sense of age. The brisk modern jewelry design style is popular in recent years, pearl with different materials of tassels and metal will show a different style, or modern, or avant-garde, or art fan, cool feeling full. Emphasis on overlap, emphasizing the combination of a variety of materials and use, although not to do the pearl started, but the work has been introduced to the eyes of a bright, with more avantgarde modern lines to highlight the Pearl, with it in addition to the gentle fashion side.Pearl Bracelets
     Pearls are the only jewels in the world with vitality. Baoyu so-called treasure, but the need for later artificial grinding carving, but the beauty of the Pearl is not the same, without artificial carving, has a unique style. As a result, pearls have been regarded as treasures. Pearls symbolize health, purity, wealth and happiness, and are symbols of power and nobility and wealth. Pearl Bracelets
     Full rounded, crystal smooth shape, glittering and translucent beneath luster, exudes a gentle, elegant, dignified, pure temperament, this is the first impression of pearls. Bracelet as a kind of jewelry, people as a matching clothing decoration, as a work of art to decorate themselves, as a personal style, hobbies, a way to dress up. The ancient pearl bracelet mainly takes the more complex modelling craft primarily, the modern main is mainly by the modern simplicity.Pearl Bracelets