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Stone common
Jul 29, 2016

1. gem crystals

Precious stones in nature [2] mainly in single crystal form, individual double crystals will appear. In shaping the environments under ideal conditions, would be relatively intact Crystal form, such as aquamarine is often a complete six-cylinder. The complete Crystal form a beautiful charm, for people to enjoy, collections, but in most cases, Crystal shape is not perfect.

2. gemstone colors with even a single

Gem due to is single crystals, its composition of chemical elements compared strictly to comply with components composition law, on impurities ion has relative exclusive, thus chemical components relative uniform, and pure, so gem color has single sex, that a gem of color is by a or two species compared fixed of ion by caused of, as Ruby of color is by CR ion caused of, Sapphire of color is by iron and titanium ion by caused of. Gem color is relatively uniform, is the color of gems in largely distributed throughout the Crystal. A gem from one or both of these pigment ions form a more uniform color.

3. the gems show more transparence

Gems are crystals, its chemical elements is mainly composed of noble gas ions and some intermediate ions, the chemical bond is mainly ionic bonds, Covalent bonds and their mixture or compound key, these chemical bonds formed by the transparent Crystal and gem mostly transparent. Diamond crystals formed by carbon atoms in Covalent bonds, so diamonds are transparent

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