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Pearl Necklace health principles
Jul 29, 2016

Pearl is an ocean or river, Lake bivalve shellfish clam creatures nurtured, is an organic gem. Is the only life on Earth gave birth to gems.

Speaking from the physical characteristics, Pearl affinity with human skin. It is a kind of precious Chinese medicine, very good health care, and health effects in internal and external, it contains 20 amino acids after, 24 kinds of trace elements in contact with the human skin through sweat (whenever the body will sweat) accelerate the differentiation of nutrients in the Pearl, from the surface of the skin to the underlying, the body plays a role.

All the jewelry, but Pearl will not absorb the body's essence, only "to sacrifice themselves for the wearer and dedication," Unlike other stones, need to absorb the "popularity" to raise themselves. In many cases, the wearer think Pearl colors like pale yellow, it is usually because of Pearl because of the nutrients are absorbed by the body.

Middle-aged and elderly women outside of the aesthetic effect of the Pearl, preference for Pearl, its health effects is no doubt