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Men wore pearls are MAN
Jul 29, 2016

In fact, black pearls have been popular for a long time in a foreign country, setting off the wave flag character is international soccer star David Beckham, he and his wife, spice girls both in and out of various public, is often the tough image of the Black Pearl pendant, covered all gave off a funky smell.

Black Pearl charm to increase male responsibility right from the start, built with Black Pearl ring, or necklace, all contain a men, Hale and hearty and taste the atmosphere.

In addition to black, and Malachite Green, purple, blue, and other colors. If you look closely, you will find that there are subtle differences in color. However, such is the difference between color and gloss, resulting in huge contrast on the price, post up above 10,000, with the most precious Malachite Green.

Men's Pearl simple in design, is Hale and hearty and personalized. Pearl men's rings, emphatically neat symmetry in style, three dome-shaped set with diamond pieces hold the mystery of black pearls of Tahiti, revealing the identity of an extraordinary, stylish, rights and dignity; there are also pearls couple ring, can be used by couples of men and women to wear.

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