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Lady Pearl tiara
Jul 29, 2016

Lady Pearl tiara like the portrait side draw in about 1490 (in this period he painted many portraits, save a few so far). Father piyeluo·da·fenqi sure that the son has a gift for painting of Leonardo da Vinci, the 14 small da Vinci to Florence, from the famous artist Verrocchio, began to systematically study plastic arts.

It is well known that Leonardo da Vinci painted portraits of women exists in a "smile of the formula", but it is not always the case. His aesthetic overall is a scientific truth-seeking spirit. He is focused on the exploration of nature. Leonardo da Vinci female beauty, regarded as nature's most perfect products, he said, "just take away a natural creation of life so wonderful, that's cruel behavior.

"So in its treatment of the portrait, he always put people's mental structure combines research of temperament and appearance. The female side portraits in particular, are characterised by accuracy: that meticulous face, beautiful straight hair, pearls of ancient headdress of a lady, he carefully observed and described.

A head wound to the neck of a long strand of pearls, nearly every facade, highlights and round are delicate painted writing black cloak and a red corset tops, bring out the woman's full breasts tightly, so as to enhance the sense of luxurious and solemn as a lady. If, say, focus on Leonardo da Vinci's Mona is her mysterious smile, where painter with very precise structural sketch praise the peerless beauty of women.