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How to identify genuine and fake pearls?
Jul 29, 2016

Since ancient times, whether it's a pearl necklace or pearl necklaces are much-loved women, this is because the natural pearl jewelry is worn not only in appearance but more importantly also has a role in nursing home, beauty and soothing effect. How to distinguish between true and false natural pearls in the market?

A natural Pearl necklace is not really the main Pearl of Pearl is natural on the line. Below we teach you several identification methods of natural pearls, for members ' reference:

Pearl shapes and have a natural Pearl luster and metal-like glossy reflection, each Pearl luster will be different. Faux Pearl shape uniform, pearly luster dimmed.

Pearl after rubbing, a tart, tart with glass friction still. After fake beads rub has a smooth feel, fake beads and glass sense of smooth friction.

Natural Pearl touched skin feel freshened, pearls with a mouth breath, aerosol-can occur on the surface. Fake beads touch the skin feeling smooth and warm.

Finally, we should also look for when selecting pearl necklaces pearls includes leather cord is connected properly, and repeatedly tried several times, and then see if the bracelet is in good condition. If it is metal, to see if the connection is connected, touch tip carefully by hand, see if it is going to blow the hand; if there are buttons to repeated opening and closing times are intact.

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