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Effect of wearing pearls
Jul 29, 2016

In ancient times, there have been some sachets and medicines such as collar ornaments, some medical books also have decorations on the body play a role in health care records. Modern, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing care accessories has received wide attention.

In General, the bracelet's role focuses on pelvic cavity, lung, colon, and other health care role earrings health effects are mainly for eye and endocrine systems; necklaces can promote blood circulation, treatment of stiffness, aches, chest pain, General fatigue, chronic headaches, insomnia, constipation, relief of symptoms.

Wearing a pearl necklace on the treatment of chronic sore throat and thyroid (hyperthyroidism) have had some success.

Long Pearl necklace, can make the throat of cough in patients with reduced or even stopped completely. Often worn by people, not to a sore throat.

Hyperthyroidism with a pearl necklace, can inhibit the tumor grew up, and make it disappear.

Wearing a Pearl Necklace for a long time, can alleviate the sequelae of cerebral concussion caused by bad-tempered, improve quirk temper temper the symptoms of impermanence.