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4 benefits of wearing a Pearl Necklace
Jul 29, 2016

1,Containing a wealth of higher fatty alcohols 1, Pearl powder, easily absorbed by the human skin cells, can heighten the cell vitality, promote cell metabolism and Pearl powder can help the body's collagen cells, when there is a trauma, wounds, can promote collagen growth and fill the gap, connecting organizations to promote skin regeneration, keep the skin soft and white, smooth and complete.
2, wearing pearls, can not only eliminate lipid peroxidation of vascular, skin care, delay skin aging, enhance human immunity. Also prevents bone loss, nourish the liver to improve Visual acuity, heat-clearing and detoxifying, anti-aging, longevity effect. And can be effective treatment for throat and mouth ulcers.
3, and Pearl Necklace close people of neck, it of effective defeated points to by conflict into human, Pearl on humoral secretion has must absorption capacity, skin on Pearl in the by Dew drug defeated points also has absorption, and effect local affected area, up anti-inflammatory treatment role; Pearl dew has calcium carbonate, and oxidation calcium, and calcium phosphate, and sulfuric acid calcium and magnesium, and manganese, and copper, and iodine, and p, and SR, and lead, and sodium, and potassium, more class elements and more than 10 class amino acids, in medical Shang has dangerous God set surprised, and heat victims yin, and eyesight detoxification, and shut health muscle, effect. Especially women during menstruation, menopause, wearing a Pearl Necklace can be better adjusted, easing role, such as prevention and treatment of chronic sore throat and thyroid, and makes the skin extremely light NET, delicate.
4, morning and evening with Pearl gently massages the skin and wrinkle skin care, beauty care and spot elimination can be achieved!