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About Us

Who are we?
 Located in the special economical zone of China-Shenzhen, Shenzhen Forever Shining Industrial Co., Ltd. Has been a practiced fresh water pearls manufacturer and jewelry ornaments original processor since year 2010. We specialize in all kinds of pearl jewelry manufacturing. Such as pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, pearl rings, pearls chains and other pearl jewels. What's more, we also collaborate with other gemstone, jade and silver jewelry producers. There are many domestic jewelry suppliers in our hometown, Guangxi province. While they mainly do retail in domestic market, selling top grade pearls at expensive prices. But many people in developing or underdeveloped countries can't afford slap-up pearls. Thus we mainly sell middle and ordinary pearls to these market at wholesaling quantity.

Where are we?
 Our company and office are in Shenzhen, but our pearl farms and pearl raw material suppliers are in Beihai, Guangxi province. Pearl culturing is a sound industry there.

What do we do?
 We mainly process pearl jewelries and promote middle and regular quality pearl jewels to developing countries. Of course, we also sell top grade pearls and sell to developed countries, they are just not our emphasis. We hope to promote our cheap pearls to countries like decorating such as Africa countries.

What do we want to do?
 1. To make money(Surely it is).
 2. To help our fellows to make money and help our hometown developing economy.
 Why? Because there are many jewelry ornaments manufacturers in our hometown, producing cheap and fine jewelry ornaments, while they failed to promote these pearl jewels all around the world. Thus we want to bear the responsibility to recommend Chinese pearls abroad.
 3. To let more like-decorating people wear cheap Chinese jewelries.
 Many developing countries people like decorating, but they don't know economical Chinese pearls. Have you heard of $1/pair pearl earrings? It's not imitation pearl, it's also regular quality natural pearl. Rich people are willing to buy thousand of dollars pearl necklace, while normal people can't afford it. But cheap pearl necklace look also similar with high quality ones. Why not pay less money to get near effects?